Leadership is the most vital part of any organization or group. Even in our daily lives, we see leaders around us, taking initiatives, being vocal about things they belief in, revolutionalizing the society, one step at a time.
A leader acts as the catalyst of change in the society, change in themselves, and in people around them, ensuring betterment of the society as a collective. A leaders functions on the basis of the ripple effect, creating more leaders with everything they do, so their efforts are not just limited to individuals.

To be like Kalam, you should have the following leadership qualities:

  • A leader must have vision
  • A leader must travel towards unexplored path
  • A leader must know how to manage success and most importantly the failures
  • Leader must have courage to take decision
  • Leader must have nobility in Management
  • Every action of the leader should be transparent, leader must work with integrity and succeed with the Integrity
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