Dr. Kalam Fellowship program is established with the belief that the nation needs to develop a cadre of young leaders exposed to the diverse set of complexities and challenges that it faces. ​The Fellowship began in 2009 when Dr. Kalam was suggested by his Officer on Special Duty (OSD), Mr. Srijan Pal Singh (IIM-A), to initiate a recruitment program for short-term fellows to work on his vision for India. He readily agreed and used the royalties from his books to encourage the bright young minds of the nation to work towards the missions of India Vision 2020.
The journey started with Amlan Das, a student of Dr. Kalam at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad. Subsequent editions of the Fellowship Program saw participation from talented and committed students like Mr. Adwait Vikram Singh from Harvard University and many other Fellows from some of the top IIMs. There have been about 40 fellows who have worked on different impact areas. After Dr. Kalam passed away suddenly in 2015, the program took a new shape and every year some of the best graduates from all over the nation and the world have continued to work on action-oriented programs dedicated to Dr. Kalam.

About the Program

The Kalam Fellowship (2018-19) was launched on 27th July 2018, the third anniversary of passage of Dr. Kalam, to continue his dreams and vision for a globally competitive India. The program—by combining the three pillars of Policy, Governance and Social Impact—aims to improve the functioning of civil society and strengthen monitoring and delivery innovations. Fellows will apply their learnings to the various projects of the Kalam Centre and its partner NGOs and get the opportunity to meet, interact and work with the top minds in the industry, along with experts and mentors from various fields. Fellows will also get the chance to be Kalam Ambassadors by interning with the offices of Central ministers and Members of Parliaments, supporting them with research inputs and better implementation of government schemes. The selected Fellows will function as Kalam Ambassadors who will work to continue Dr. Kalam’s vision and dreams at the organisations or projects they will be placed in.

This program has two tracks – short-term (6 months) and long-term (12 months). Both the fellowship structures include a 2-month Training and Orientation period. The program has been designed to provide the youth with the opportunity for personal transformation through self-discovery and thereby, contribute to the causes surrounding them. The Fellows will receive a monthly stipend of ₹ 20,000 inclusive of all benefits. Throughout their tenure, Fellows will devote their energies to bring about an array of ground-level changes and effectively lead complex public systems in the future. This will prove to be the Leadership Foundation of the movement towards Nation Building.
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