I. The Initiative
The Kalam Centre@Campus is a movement led by youth of the country in colleges to carry forward Dr. Kalam’s mission of having powerful dreams that will lead to transformational changes in the society.

Through this initiative, participating individuals will engage in nation building activities to transform social challenges.

This initiative comprises of the following:

  1. Virtual training sessions (10 hours)
    An empowering series of lectures will be compiled and shared through virtual medium for training purpose. This needs to be completed by every participant before or while they conduct the onground activities through either of the tracks.
    These lectures will be live as well as recorded sessions by eminent personalities from various sectors and industry.
  2. On field activities (40 hours: 2-4 hours per week)
    Participants may select any one of the following TWO tracks to conduct their on field activities

Ignited Mind Academy

• Through this initiative, students take on the role
as community teachers to transform lives needy
• A standardized curriculum is designed
integrating global teaching methodologies from
places like Finland, Norway, Singapore etc. to
provide reference to participants

Kalam-Salaam Initiative

• This track enlists various social challenges for
students to take up the role as leaders of change
• Dedicated participants will visit and engage in
rural areas/impoverished areas for a period of 5-
7 days to study social problems. These studies
will be documented in various forms and
presented to prominent decision makers of the

DELIVERY – Impact Report
Participants are required to frame an impact report of their study and findings. The recommendations must be a part of this report. Please note:

  • The report must not be more than 1200 words in a MS Word document
  • Font: Calibri or Times New Roman and Font Size: 12. You can also submit your report in Hindi
  • Along with a written report, the fellows may also submit photos and videos as supporting documentation
  • The report has to be submitted as an email to the following mail id – office@kalamcentre.org
  • Subject of the email will be: Kalam Centre@Campus – Final Report

II. Who Can Apply?

  • Standard 11th/12th or college students pursuing recognized Bachelors/Masters degree or those working are invited to apply
  • Individuals and/or teams
  • This initiative follows international equal opportunity and will not discriminate based on gender, race, language or region
  • The initiative promotes diversity and applicants from the areas of specialization are encouraged to apply


III. Steps for setting up Kalam Centre@Campus

  1. Nominate at least one faculty member as a mentor for the participants
  2. With the guidance of the faculty member, a leadership team of 5-7 members are to be selected
  3. The leadership team must select one of the on field activity tracks and then discuss and identify missions for the next quarter
  4. The team should form a social media page named as ‘Kalam Centre@Campus + Team name + xyz’ (xyz being the institution name). This will be linked the main Kalam Centre social media page
  5. Apprise teachers to encourage students to work on Kalam vision and related projects as part of their academic assignments wherever possible/li>
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Faculty Coordinator
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