The Kalam Library Project (KLP) is one of the unfulfilled dreams of Dr. Kalam, which is based on his philosophy that every youth of the nation should have access to the library as a matter of right for every child.


The Kalam Library Project is being run under the leadership of some of the close associates of Dr. Kalam, which includes his co-authors, staff members, and former advisors. The mission is an optimistic flight to empower the young Kalams of India with the power of Knowledge. The mentors of the projects are some well-known people from various backgrounds of the industry and society.

To provide opportunities to create a nation of lifelong learners
Levels of Kalam Library
There are three levels of the Kalam Library based on the three missile programs of Dr.Kalam, namely –
a. Trishul (named after small range missile invented by Dr. Kalam in 1980s)
No. of books = 50 to 100
b. Prithvi (named after medium range missile invented by Dr. Kalam)
No. of books = 101 to 200
c. Agni (named after long range missile invented by Dr. Kalam)
Some of these libraries will also be digitized and serve as the centre of excellence for the rural mass. No. of books = 201 and above


  1. Ensure that every child has access to education
  2. Involve the whole community to work towards education for children
  3. Create awareness about social causes amongst children who become brand ambassadors of promoting the message within their communities
  4. Bring a better change for the future generations by enabling the present generation


We, at Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Centre, have been successful in setting up 80+ libraries across 6 states in India and reaching out to over 40,000-student population.


They are all in remote areas, villages and slums areas. They are community managed and completely free of cost. Many have been stocked with second-hand books from citizens besides the new books – including the personal books given by the Honorable Former Chief Minister of Gujarat. We have also been supported by Chief Ministers & Governors of various states, Government bodies of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan etc, Member of Parliaments, IAS officers, businessmen and experts from various sectors of the industry. We have been supported by Organizations like National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), Cello GelTech, Delhi Startups, ONGC, Digital India, Mahindra Logistics, Allahabad Bank, Environmental Sanitation Institute etc.


We launched one Library at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad where an initiative ‘Prayaas’ has been taken up for the upliftment of slum kids. Sometimes back we launched the first mobile library in Kolkata, which was inaugurated by Dr. Chandra Shekhar Ghosh (CEO & MD- Bandhan Bank Limited) and many more libraries are in pipeline.

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